ELM.ng ELM Suite (Lifecyle Management) SaaS Floating

ELM.ng ELM Suite (Lifecyle Management) SaaS Floating

From: 395,00  / month

Monthly Subscription 

contained licenses:

  • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Base Practitioner Floating (D1I14LL, E0LSELL)
    • IBM Jazz ELM Requirements Management (DOORS Next Analyst)
    • IBM Jazz ELM Test Management (RQM/ETM Professional)
    • IBM Jazz ELM Workflow Management (EWM Developer)
  • requisis-ReqIF-Manager
    • Optimized ReqIF Exchange including HIS-Process for automotive industry
  • requisis_MiX
    • Migration Tool for DOORS to DNG Migration
      for the first year

Deployment Settings

To deploy your personal environment we need the following information:

Hostname and Domain for your personal SaaS Installation

How should you installation be reached? The complete address will be: https://(hostname).(domain)/jts
e.g. https://requisis.clm.world

Authentication / Security

You can enhance the security of the deployment with the following free features.
To setup theses features you will be contacted after the order has been processed.

Additional information


001-004 concurrent users, 010-039 concurrent users, 005-009 concurrent users, 040-079 concurrent users, 080-119 concurrent users, 120-199 concurrent users, 200+ concurrent users


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