Types of Licensing

Types of Licensing

ELM.ng can be licensed in various ways. The license always includes IBM Engineering Lifecycle Applications and Applications by REQUISIS.

When you order a Complete Saas Service you will receive the licence and the services as a monthly subscription price. If you already have a license for IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) you can bring your own license and we will operate the server for you. If you want to run ELM.ng in your own environment on premise or in your company’s cloud provider you can purchase the license as a subscription from us which will cover IBM Engineering Lifecycle (ELM) Licenses and licenses for REQUISIS Tools.

Complete SaaS

  • Consists of Deployment of a Managed Solution at REQUISIS Data Center
  • Includes all required licenses (see jazzQ ELM.ng Suite)
  • Available as monthly subscription

Bring Your Own License (BYOL) to SaaS

  • Managed Service by REQUISIS exclusively for customer
  • License is owned by customer and customer will include license in environment that is solely used by customer and managed by REQUISIS.

jazzQ ELM.ng Suite on Premise

  • Complete ELM Solution Bundle
  • Software Licenses of IBM & REQUISIS
    • IBM ELM (Applications can be selected by customer)
    • REQUISIS Reqif-Manager
    • REQUISIS DNG-Extensions
  • Technical Support for the Software (L1 and L2)
  • Available as monthly subscribtion