Products & Solutions is a SaaS Offering by REQUISIS build on the REQUISIS Requirements Workplace. The REQUISIS Requirements Workplace combines the best of IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management and REQUISIS Tools for DOORS Next Generation.

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REQUISIS Tools for DOORS Next Generation


requisis_ReqIF-Manager is a solution to manage and optimize the ReqIF Exchange Process using IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. It allows you to create reusable roundtrip configurations for the requirements exchange process with multiple exchange partners and involving modules from different components, if necessary. It also comes with a flexible mapping technology that allows you to keep your DNG data model by mapping the ReqIF artifact types, attributes and enumeration values to your data model. This mapping also allows you to split or merge attribute values.

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Using ourmigration and integration tool requisis_MiX you can easily transfer you data from DOORS to DOORS Next Generation (DNG), without the need to modify your data in DOORS Classic prior to the migration. Simply use the fully integrated user interface to map your existing DOORS attributes to the type system in DNG and migrate with a single push of a button. For mass migration an integrated rule module allows to define automatic mapping rules to be applied prior to manual mapping so you only need to deal with non-standard-attributes and reduce the manual effort to an absolute minimum.

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Statements about IBM Engineering Lifecylce Management

With that new tool environment from IBM, we can already realize that the different roles within the development lifecycle are cooperating much closer.

Christof Hammel, Product Manager, Automotive ALM, Bosch Automotive

As we continue to work with IBM and deploy effective lifecycle management capabilities, we have accelerated our time to market and reduced our build and deployment time by 55%, freeing our developers to be more creative and innovate so we can better compete in our market.

Gabriel Lima, Methodology Manager, Itaú BBA